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pH meter

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Milwaukee mc110 ph monitor

MILWAUKEE MC-110 pH Monitor The Milwaukee Instruments MC monitors are designed for continuous pH, E..

Ex Tax: 108.19€

Milwaukee mc720 ph controller kit

MILWAUKEE MC720 PH CONTROLLER KIT Milwaukee MC720 pH controller and dosing pump set, keep the pH at..

Ex Tax: 200.21€

Milwaukee mw100 ph meter

MILWAUKEE MW100 PH METER The MW100 is a portable pH (acidity of a liquid) meter with automatic temp..

Ex Tax: 79.41€

Milwaukee ph55 martini pocket ph / temp meter

martini ph55 pocket ph / temp meter the ph55 is a water-resistant and compact bar gauge that allows..

Ex Tax: 41.39€

Milwaukee ph600 ph meter

MILWAUKEE PH600 PH METER Economic Milwaukee testers are easy to use and low cost instruments to mea..

Ex Tax: 28.99€

Ph meter 009 pen type

specifications: range: 0.0-14.0ph resolution: 0.1ph accuracy: +/- +/- 0.2ph 0.1ph (20c degrees / ..

Ex Tax: 25.17€

Milwaukee mw101 earth ph tester

milwaukee mw101 earth ph tester milwaukee mw101 earth ph tester is a complete kit to measure the ph..

Ex Tax: 213.03€