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Smscom spc 16a mk2 eu

Smscom spc 16a mk2 eu

Smscom spc 16a mk2 eu

the smscom spc 16a mk2 is the successor to the well-known spc 14a. The spc mk2 is an automatic climate controller for controlling fans. The smscom spc 16 ampère is electronically controlled and provides a simple, accurate way for the correct temperature of the room.

the smscom spc 16 ampère controls the correct speed of your fans and maintains the right temperature. In and / or exhaust fans can be plugged into a socket.

the renewed spc has an additional connection allowing the spc 16a mk2 to be easily expanded with the also newly introduced spc slave 16a mk2. On each spc controller you can connect up to 5 spc slave 16a units.


  • plug & play thanks to its clear layout and easy operation;
  • 2 different modes automatic or 100%;
  • accurate temperature controlled speed control;
  • 5 meter cable temperature sensor;
  • adjustable minimum speed from 20% to 60%;
  • maximum speed adjustable from 60% to 100%;
  • desired temperature adjustable between 10 ° c and 45 ° c;
  • temperature bandwidth can be set between 2 ° c and 7 ° c.

operating instructions

  • automatic temperature control:
    • insert the fan (s) into one of the two sockets, regardless of whether an inflator or suction motor or even multiple motors are inserted as long as the total maximum power is not exceeded;
    • set the desired minimum speed with the left-hand dial, for example 30%;
    • set the desired maximum speed with the center dial, for example 80%;
    • set the desired bandwidth with, for example, 3 ° c with the right-hand dial.
    • with the top dial, set the desired temperature in, for example, 25 ° c;
    • insert the spc mk2 into the socket and turn the switch to "auto", the spc mk2 will start 100% for a few seconds and then switch to the desired program.
  • manual at full power:
    • insert the spc mk2 into the socket and turn the switch to "100%".


  • type: 00-1010-eu;
  • capacity: up to 16 amps;
  • voltage: 220 ~ 240 volts;
  • frequency: 50/60 hz;
  • dynamic range: 0.5 / 16 ampere;
  • temperature sensor: 4k7 to 25 ° c;
  • bandwidth: 1 ~ 7 ° c.

pay attention
the smscom spc mk2 is tuned to the most common fans. However, resetting the minimum speed is possible. To do this, turn the calibration gauge located to the left of the fuse holder behind the cover to the left (min) or right (plus). You adjust the fan so that the fan always rotates to the minimum position. Adjusting the potmeter too low increases the likelihood of an irregular loop that may cause fan motor braking.

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