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Hesi SuperVit is a highly concentrated blend of vitamins and amino acids that improve the metabolism and overall health of the plant. This results in stronger growth and fuller flowering. SuperVit is suitable for all plants, substrates and applications.

How is all this possible?
SuperVit is a mix of 15 vitamins and 10 amino acids, all of which play a major role in the metabolism of a plant. The vitamins and amino acids (vital substances) of SuperVit are the building blocks of plant hormones, enzymes and leaf green.

The Hesi idea!
With SuperVit we get important building materials in a ready-made form. We do not have to produce that ourselves anymore, which saves time and energy!

Plants can make these building blocks themselves from minerals, but with Hesi SuperVit the plants are given the vital substances in a ready-made form. This saves time and energy. The energy that is saved in this is noticeable in an improvement of growth and flowering and an optimal resistance and health.

Why Hesi SuperVit

  • More energy for the plant;
  • Better growth, flowering and more flowers;
  • A healthier plant with more and resistance;
  • Sweeter smell and intense colors;
  • The flower is enlarged, the light absorption of the plant is improved and the metabolism is accelerated;
  • Activates both growth and flowering hormones and is therefore suitable for all periods of the plant cycle.

The use of SuperVit
SuperVit is used throughout the cycle. Add or spray with the irrigation water.

1 drop SuperVit for 4.5 L water (= 1ml for 65 L), Do not overdose! Hesi SuperVit is suitable for all growth media Earth, Hydro and Coco.

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