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Activates the bloom strength and the fruit ripening plants.

Boost is a Hesi bloeiactivator while a soft sheet feeding for the flowering stage. It strengthens the bloom strength, increases the sugar content of fruits and improves the condition of the whole plant. Hesi Boost is suitable for all plants in all plant substrates.

The flowering stage is the culmination of a plant life.
Or a summer flower that produces an entire season flower after flower, or curiosities that show their blooms only once a year, the effort required for this is huge. Many plants we grow for the enjoyment of the flowers. Other plants we love because of their decorative and edible fruits or gather its seed. Or flowers, fruits or seeds, the plants should have more sugar than necessary reproduction and before. This is because in addition to the energy for the metabolism, more energy is required for the production of the
flower colors, odors and attractants for insects. For the plants to give an optimum flowering help, we Hesi Boost developed that is tailored to these specific needs.

What does Hesi Boost exactly?
For the whole plant: Hesi Boost enhances the plant by stimulating a lush growth rugged with lots of side shoots. That is a good basis for strong and stable inflorescences.
In Bloom: Hesi Boost promotes the development of tight tops and make them less susceptible to environmental factors. Hesi Boost accelerates the development of the flower and encourages larger flowers. The stability of the flowers, the result is significantly improved and a longer service life of this.
For the fruit: Ornamental fruit has a longer life and it is thicker and stronger. The flower stalks are stronger and keep the fruit tighter. Edible fruits taste sweeter, they ripen evenly and therefore better quality.

Hesi Boost is a mixture of concentrated fruit enzymes. Hesi Boost contains 1% phosphorus (P2O5) and 1% potassium (K2O). Daarbaast Hesi boost also contains the minerals calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, molybdenum and selenium of natural origin. On top of everything it contains vitamin B complexes B1, B3, B6 and glucose, fruit and vegetable enzymes such Galactol sugars such melitose and alginic acid.


  • Once at the beginning of the flowering stage to stimulate flowering;
  • used from a highly developed flowering stage, up to 1-2 times a week. For slow-growing plants can be an administration of 1 to 2 times per month sufficient;
  • For edible fruits wait at least 1-2 weeks.

The dosage is 1-2 ml / 1 liter of water. Hesi Boost can be administered through the irrigation water or spraying liquid (foliar).
Foliar: Spray the plant evenly while avoiding the flowers. Can with other fertilizers and boosters are used simultaneously. Hesi Boost has a low nutritional value and does not replace other fertilizers. Shake well before use! One liter is sufficient for a minimum of 500 liters of ready to use solution. On the field 4L can be spread per hectare.

It is possible that the plants after application of Hesi Boost have an increased need for water. The extra metabolism that is put in motion, using additional water as fuel.

Hesi Boost is a dark to medium brown, watery, slightly foaming liquid with a fruity aromatic odor. Because it is a natural product, color may sometimes differ. Hesi Boost does not alter the pH or EC value of the nutrient solution. It can be combined with any other power supply, with the exception of aggressive agents such as peroxide. This would degrade the enzymes and other active substances.
Once opened, the shelf life of at least one year, if kept cool and dark. The bottles are sealed and made of PE plastic (PVC and cadmium sex recyclable).

Hesi Boost is available in packs of:
500ml, 1L, 2.5L, 5L and 10L.

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