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Rhizotonic has a vitalizing effect on root growth. A sophisticated mix of vitamins and trace elements, among other things, provides solid and healthy roots. This allows the plant to develop well and is less susceptible to disease. Rhizotonic is immediately removable and leaves no residues left.

Healthy carrots
You use this additive when the root system of a plant is vulnerable-for example in the first weeks after germination or after potting. With Rhizotonic, a young plant will hit faster and rotate a moved plant faster. You can use this additive in any cultivation method and in combination with all types of CANNA plant nutrition. If the plant is poorly rooted and can not absorb the nutrients properly, you can spray diluted Rhizotonic onto the leaf.

Reduce stress
Transportering, pruning, pruning: any major change can cause stress. A stress situation causes stagnant growth and reduced resistance. Often the plant soon looks unhealthy. By administering Rhizotonic, at the feed water or by leaf spray, the plant can recover quickly. Often the growth resumes almost immediately.

Bioactive elements
Rhizotonic is a plant extract based on mineral-rich algae from the North Sea. The substances from these algae resemble their own growth and defense substances from a fast-growing plant. The additive contains carbohydrates that support the natural defense at cell level. In total, Rhizotonic contains more than sixty active ingredients.

Cultivating with CANNA Rhizotonic?
To be used on any substrate, in combination with all CANNA food products.

Plant nutrition is often adjusted to the right pH. For example, the plant can make optimal use of the nutrients. If the pH of a nutrient vessel is too low, it can be raised with CANNA RHIZOTONIC to the desired pH.

Operating Instructions

  • Before use, shake the bottle well;
  • Start using CANNA RHIZOTONIC as soon as the first roots of the plant become visible;
  • Dissolve 40 ml CANNA RHIZOTONIC in 10 liters tap water (1: 250);
  • Do not use nutrients in unhealthy plants or plants with stress, but CANNA RHIZOTONIC only (± 3 to 5 days);
  • Dosage 40 ml on 10 liters tap water and pH 6.0. CANNA RHIZOTONIC works optimally at low EC values;
  • Apply this solution 1-6 times daily to the growth medium;
  • With overpots, it is best to pre-treat the growth medium with a CANNA RHIZOTONIC solution;
  • CANNA RHIZOTONIC contains fresh sea algae. For optimum performance, do not expose them to excessive temperatures or light. Only then can a uniform, high quality product be guaranteed;
  • CANNA RHIZOTONIC can be used on each plant as a leaf spray. Irrigate the leaves once a week. Dosage 20-40 ml on 10 liters tap water (1: 500) and pH 6.0.

Plants in growth

  • Week 1: mix CANNA RHIZOTONIC into the food tank (optionally with the nutritional solution). Dosage 40 ml on 10 liters tap water, PH value between 5.5-6.0;
  • Week 2: mix CANNA RHIZOTONIC with the nutritional solution. Dosage 10-20 ml on 10 liters tap water;
  • From week 3: mix CANNA RHIZOTONIC with the nutritional solution. Dosage 5 ml on 10 liters tap water.

Other indications

  • Do not start using pH-value additions after adding CANNA RHIZOTONIC;
  • Using CANNA RHIZOTONIC increases the pH value;
  • Overburden has a negative effect on nature, the soil and the plant;
  • CANNA RHIZOTONIC is 100% vegetable and is suitable for ground, coconut and Hydro crops;
  • Frost free, closed and dark;
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Guarantees / Guarantees
The packaging is made of 100% Polyethylene (PVC and Cadmium Free), an easily degradable plastic that is also recyclable.

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