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CANNA Hydro Flores gives vegetables and fast-growing plants the ideal mix of nutrients for lush flowering and beautiful fruit formation. Part of the HYDRO product line for run-to-waste hydro growth systems.

Plant nutrition hydro growth systems
With this specialized plant nutrition you get the best from your run-to-waste hydro growth system. Hydro Flores contains directly absorbable nitrogen compounds, high-grade EDDHA iron chelates and trace elements. These components help the plant to fully absorb the nutrients. For optimal growth, use Hydro Vega.

Equipped with local tap water
When growing with a hydro growth system, the composition of the water plays a role. In the Netherlands we offer three variants, tailored to the local tap water: for hard and soft water - and for the Maaswater in the Rijnmond region. This way you always get the best results with your hydro growth system.

Growing with Hydro Flores?
CANNA Hydro Flores's plant nutrition is for sale at virtually all garden specialist stores in the Netherlands. Find the nearest point of sale. Do you grow with a recirculating run-to-waste hydro system, please check our HYDRO Infopaper. With our nutrition calculator you can draw up a nutrition schedule.

Operating Instructions

  • Before use use the bottle to shake well;
  • A ready-to-use CANNA Flores A & B nutritional solution is achieved by diluting the A & B concentrates in equal parts with tap water;
  • First add CANNA Flores A to the food tank;
  • Well stirring and then add CANNA Flores B;
  • Feed tank filling with tap water;
  • CANNA Flores A & B should be added to the feed vessel in the ratio 1: 250 (40 ml A and 40 ml B per 10 liters);
  • Re-stir well and leave the solution for a few hours;
  • The EC value of CANNA Flores A & B dissolved in tap water is then between 1.8 - 2.7 mS (= EC value of the concentrate + EC value of tap water);
  • Recommended pH value: 5.2-6.2;
  • In intensive cultivation, the plants provide 1-3 times a day of this diet and ensure drainage is between 10% and 20% and / or for 1-2 weeks with tap water. In general, this means 4-6 liters of feed per m² per day (starting from a dense meter);
  • Apply the tap water to the plants only last week. This results in a cleaner final product. Regularly refresh nutrition;
  • Switching from CANNA Vega A & B feed to CANNA Flores A & B feed when flowering begins.

Because the buffering effect and the EC value of the tap water vary widely from one place to another, the above guidelines may not be met. Therefore always check the pH and the EC value. The pH can be increased with CANNA pH Plus and decrease with CANNA pH Min growth or CANNA pH Min bloom.

Other indications

  • For the growth phase of the plant, CANNA has developed another fertilizer, Hydro Vega;
  • Frost free, closed and dark (UV light breaks down chelates contained in the feed);
  • Keep out of reach of children

Guarantees / Guarantees
CANNA only works with high quality pure nutrients and chelates, which are directly and completely absorbable for the plant. The dosage vial is made of 100% Polyethylene (PVC and Cadmium Free), a readily degradable plastic that is also recyclable.

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