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CANNA Coco A & B is plant nutrition made for Coco Professional and Coco Professional Plus cocoa substrates. With this cultivation method you can achieve good results - also as a novice breeder.

Plant nutrition for kokossubstraat
Coco A & B provides the right nutrients for vegetables and fast growing plants. The kokossubstraat takes up the nutrient with the nutritional water, similar to a sponge. This makes CANNA COCO a relatively simple growing system, suitable for novice growers.

One food product
For other product lines we provide separate plant nutrition for the growth and flowering phase. If you grow up on the COCO kokosubstraat this is not necessary. Initially, the coconut substrate holds the flowering elements from the diet. Gradually, the substrate becomes saturated, making these nutrients available when the plant is going to bloom. Because substances react in a concentrated form, mix water with Coco A and Coco B before use.

Operating Instructions

  • Before use, shake the bottle well;
  • Feed tank filling with tap water;
  • Add CANNA Coco A & B feed in the ratio of 1: 250 to the feed vessel, 40 ml A and 40 ml B per 10 liters;
  • First add CANNA Coco A to the food tank;
  • Then stir well
  • Add CANNA Coco B to the food tank;
  • Re-stir well and leave the solution for a few hours;
  • The EC value of CANNA COCO dissolved in tap water then is between 1.2 - 2.3 mS (= EC value of the concentrate + EC value of tap water);
  • Recommended pH: 5.2 - 6.2;
  • In intensive cultivation, the plants provide 1-3 times a day of this diet and ensure that drainage is between 10% and 20%. Generally, this means 4-6 liters of feed per m² per day.

Other indications

  • CANNA COCO nutrition is unlike other (CANNA) fertilizers suitable for the growth and flowering stages;
  • Never mix pure A & B concentrate. There are then insoluble compounds that can not be absorbed by the plant;
  • Frost free, closed and dark (UV light breaks down chelates contained in the feed);
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Guarantees / Guarantees
CANNA only works with high quality pure nutrients and chelates, which are directly and completely absorbable for the plant. The dosage vial is made of 100% Polyethylene (PVC and Cadmium Free), a readily degradable plastic that is also recyclable.

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