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Manage it for you, but not to keep your plants free from mildew and pests? The revolutionary CANNACURE that problem belongs to the past! CANNACURE is environmentally foliar defeating simultaneously pests and mildew.

Spray CANNACURE on the plant in order to bring to a natural layer. This layer ensures that the plants will get enough nutrients and is still able to breathe. In addition, this is a sticky layer, so that pests remain sticking to it. The pests can not get to the blade and die because they can no longer function. It is therefore important to both the bottom and the top of the leaves and spraying with CANNACURE.

CANNACURE is the first product of Canna that reduces pests and mildew while stimulating the growth of your plant.

Effective against pests
CANNACURE is a growth stimulator with the special property that it in an environmentally friendly manner is also effective against pests on the plant. Through the use of CANNACURE the plant is able to concentrate on producing a higher yield and larger flowers during the entire crop until harvest.

CANNA's Research Laboratory this has created a unique product with multiple functions:

  • it is effective against pests with environmentally friendly physical characteristics;
  • it needs nutrients via the leaves and keep the plant as in optimum condition.

physical activity
By spraying CANNACURE you apply a second layer natural to your plant. This ensures that the plant receives nutrients while they still can breathe. In addition, the stickiness of the layer ensures that plagues continue to stick to it. Therefore, the pests can not attack and die blade them because these foods can not get more. It is therefore important that the leaves both at the top and the bottom are sprayed.

Suggested use
Once a week, preventive use of CANNACURE ensures that pests like spider mites, aphids, mealy bugs and whiteflies your plant can not affect. If your plant is already weakened, CANNACURE use to drive the pest. Repeatedly 1 times syringes every 3 days is sufficient to deal with the pest and to ensure that it disappears. also gets the fungal blight in this way, no chance.

CANNACURE can be used from the beginning of the growth to the harvest and is ideal for both edible and ornamental plants. By CANNACURE be used during the entire cultivation will prevent pests just get another chance for the harvest to develop.

Availability of nutrients
CANNACURE makes and keeps your plants healthy, clean and shiny. This provides for an optimum photosynthesis. This way you can plant concentrate on fruit and flowers. Combined with CANNABOOST there are faster and better quality fruits and flowers. The availability of nutrients for your plants is very important to achieve good results. CANNA ensures the availability of these nutrients when used in combination with CANNACURE CANNABOOST Accelerator, PK 13/14 and Canna regular diet.

Ensures optimal resistance
Along with other CANNA nutrients and additives CANNACURE ensures that your plant has sufficient energy levels available to repel pests. Mixing different brands nutrients can compromise the health of your plant. This can result in a shortage of plant energy which diseases are more likely to strike at crucial moments.

Better growth and protection
CANNACURE is not a pesticide, but has called the properties. The product is biodegradable and can be administered without protective clothing. By CANNACURE using not only are you assured of a good culture of high performance, well you're not the environment and personal health harms. CANNACURE makes it impossible for pests and mildew in a natural way to attack your plants.

Operating instructions

  • Dosage: 330 ml to 1 liter of water spray at least 1 time per week until the harvest;
  • Use a fine sprayer to increase effectiveness;
  • No more food preparation than is consumed in 10 days;
  • Do not use with products containing hydrogen peroxide;
  • Do not mix with substances other than water;
  • CANNACURE can be used together with other foods.

Further information

  • To use Shake bottle well;
  • Closed and store in a dark, frost-free place;
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Warranty / guarantee
The packaging is made from 100% Polyethylene (PVC and cadmium free), an easily degradable plastics and recyclable.

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