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CANNABOOST Accelerator is an additive with a yield and quality improvement. Use of CANNABOOST ensures bigger, firmer and flavorful fruits.

Energy for the flowering phase
With flowering simulators, CANNABOOST gives the plant more energy to create flowers and fruits. This additive works excellent in combination with CANNA PK 13/14, which provides the plant with the right building materials. At the beginning of the flowering phase, add CANNABOOST to the feed water or spray it in diluted form on the leaves.

Gradual demolition
The CANNABOOST flower regulators help the plant to dose the available energy-both the naturally occurring blooms and the flowering stimulants in the additive. As a consequence, the grinding progresses more gradually. The fruits can develop regularly, which produces a homogeneous quality.

Fuller taste
Cultivation with CANNABOOST accelerates photosynthesis and thus boosts sugar production. The plant also makes more flavors. The result is a harvest with a sweeter and fuller taste.

Cultivating with CANNABOOST?
It can be used with any cultivation system and in combination with all CANNA plant nutrition.

Operating Instructions

  • Before use, shake the bottle well;
  • Apply in the ratio 1: 500 (20 ml per 10 liters tap water);
  • For possible additional flowering, maximum concentration 1: 250 (40 ml per 10 liters tap water);
  • CANNABOOST Accelerator can be used in combination with all other CANNA products;
  • Never coincide with hydrogen peroxide products simultaneously;
  • Dilute solution within 7 days;
  • CANNABOOST Accelerator can be administered manually, by drop irrigation and / or leaf irrigation (ratio 1: 500);
  • CANNABOOST Accelerator in combination with regular plant nutrition.

Other indications

  • CANNABOOST Accelerator is no power supply, so no replacement for CANNA PK 13/14. Use CANNABOOST Accelerator combined with CANNA PK13 / 14 for optimum results;
  • CANNABOOST in combination with regular plant nutrition;
  • Frost free, closed and dark;
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Guarantees / Guarantees
The dosage vial is made of 100% Polyethylene (PVC and Cadmium Free), a readily degradable plastic that is also recyclable. Certified for use in organic farming.

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