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Blumat digital xl tensiometer 43cm

Blumat digital xl tensiometer 43cm

Blumat digital xl tensiometer 43cm


Extra long Tensiometer 43 cm - give For the determination of the optimal moment of water in deep pots or baking earth.

The dilemma for many growers is finding the right time to give water, and the amount to be determined is often not easy. Giving little braking, but give too much is a much bigger problem. Especially on the ground can be detrimental to give too much water. Overall we irrigate our plants much too rich.

Soil Moisture we can determine very accurately by means of the measurement of the suction pressure.
Suction pressure can be measured using a surface-meter. A tensio-meter is not, in fact, more like a hollow tube in which a kind of porcelain is attached to clog at the bottom. At the top there is a meter that indicates the suction pressure.

The story is basically that we can determine soil moisture using the suction pressure. The tension meter is thus as an artificial root of a plant in view of which the under-pressure is always in equilibrium with the suction pressure of the soil.

The tube of a tensio-meter is closed at the top by means of a rubber stopper. This tube is filled with deionized water and placed in the ground. The water can now via the porcelain tube on and off. When the bottom dryer, and it is sucked out of the water pipe, an underpressure will occur in the tube. When this negative pressure is equal to the suction pressure to be sucked from the bottom, there is no water will be more out of the tube.

When the soil is moistened are dropped so far by an irrigation will be the tensio-meter by the under pressure that it is again equal to the suction of the soil.

When the soil contains so much water that it is saturated, the water can flow freely in and out of the tube. There is then no suction pressure of the soil and the pressure in the tube will thus be equal to the ambient pressure.

We can use this as a measure of the suction pressure which has to exert a plant to take up water out of the ground. The soil moisture is measured in hPa.

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