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Bio · Heaven ™ improves the effects of all leaf sprays and fertilizers that are used to feed the plant. It also rids the plant of toxins, the repairs chlorophyll and restimulates the plant. Through the use of Bio · Heaven ™ is increased by the energy of the plant.

How can I use Bio · Heaven ™?
Bio · Heaven ™ can be used throughout the growth and flowering of the plant. Moreover, the product can be used on any substrate on coco and hydro systems.
When there All · Mix® of Light · Mix® is employed is the most ideal dose of 2 to 5 ml per liter of water. Starting with 2ml and slowly boosting to 5ml. To achieve the best results you can follow the best our growth plan.

Amino acids in Bio · Heaven ™
Bio · Heaven ™ is a specially developed plant energy booster which contains carefully selected biological stimulants, such as amino acids. Amino acids are the basic building blocks of proteins and enzymes, which are essential for the structure and metabolism of plants.

The effect of Bio · Heaven ™

  • By using Bio · Heaven ™ stimulates a rapid and complete absorption of important nutrients;
  • Bio · Heaven ™ accelerates the chelation of essential macro and micronutrients;
  • Bio · Heaven ™ ensures that the plant better moisture retention, which results in less moisture stress for the plant;
  • Bio · Heaven ™ stimulates enzymatic activity;
  • Bio · Heaven ™ provides a valuable source of carbon dioxide for micro-organisms in the soil;
  • Bio · Heaven ™ improves the performance and quality of the crop, even if the harvest.

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