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Hello, my name is Acti · Vera ™, before I was known as Product X Acti · Vera ™ is the newest Biobizz product, the main ingredient is aloe vera plant. Acti · Vera ™ is an organic botanical activator protects the immune system, improves metabolism and increases the absorption of nutrients.

The beginning
It all started in 2011, during a trip to Curacao, a popular Caribbean vacation destination. Because of the climate on the island, not all plants grow easily. However, aloe vera is one of the few exceptions in view of this plant grows well here and still retains its beauty.

Plant to plant
Healthy, fresh, clean, anti-bacterial, cleansing, detox, beauty and care come into your mind when you think of aloe vera. So we thought if it worked wonders on your skin, why would we not try to plants? After thorough research and trying out combinations of ingredients that could go well with the plant extract of aloe vera, the final product was invented and it was ready to be launched: Acti · Vera.

The main difference with other Biobizz goods and what Acti · Vera particular on the market makes it is: it's "of a plant, to a plant '. So basically: plants for planting. There are Biobizz products made from ingredients from the land, sea and now also plant from the aloe vera!

Why Acti · Vera ™?
A plant, a plant and beautiful from the inside and outside. Acti · Vera ™ works from the inside. It works from the inside and at the same time works great with regard to the beauty of the plant from the outside. And a beautiful plant, in this case, also means a healthy plant: you are what you eat. So why Acti · Vera ™ use for your plants?

  • Protection / activation of the immune system;
  • Gives strength to germinate;
  • Promotes plant metabolism and absorption of nutrients;
  • Breakdown of sugars;
  • 100% Vegan (vegetable).

How to use?

  • Acti-vera is suitable to use in each cultivation system and on all substrates;
  • Use 5ml per liter of water, at every watering system;
  • Suitable for food crops, perennial plants, nursery stock and ornamentals;
  • Useful in the growing and flowering phase for additional stimulus;
  • For indoor and outdoor use;
  • Usable as spray (2-5 ml per liter of spray solution).

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