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Spired is a professional environment-friendly natural product against spider mites, their eggs and larvae. Spired has the ability to dissolve webs and eggs of mites, so that the populations of spider mites suppressed. Spired consists of clove oil, clove and other natural ingredients, such as rotenone (extract from tropical plants) and quassia (extract from bitter wood).

Spraying the crop with only Spired, at an early stage of the pest, the crop can keep free of mites (red spider mite). The fireplaces are encapsulated as it were. This makes covering essential to achieve a good result.

Literature are good experiences known to cultivation of pot plants, bedding plants, cut flowers, vegetables (not to sweet peppers), vegetables and nursery stock. It is unlikely that resistance occurs in addition Spired conserves natural enemies. A course consists of minimum 2 to 3 treatments every 4 to 7 days.

Application and dosage
1 ltr. spraying liquid is sufficient for approximately 10 m². spraying a few minutes for the extinguishment of the lights. Shake well before use

  • Curative (Fighting): 50 ml spired mix with 1 liter of luke - warm water or the whole bottle to 5 liters. lukewarm water, shake of the mixed product first under the leaves and then spray on the plants;
  • Repetition: Intervals every 4 to 7 days, depending on the pressure;
  • PREVENTIVE: spired 25 ml to 1 liter of warm - hot water mix and shake every two weeks, first under and then spray on the plants.

Spired been years when stored tightly closed, cool, kept dry and frost-free.


  • Unfit for human consumption;
  • wear during spraying plastic gloves;
  • Keep out of reach of children.

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