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Strengthened and increased the root surface and thereby improves the absorption of nutrients.

Still many growers giving plants too much power. The plant these nutrients often can not absorb more and thus accumulate salts in the medium through which the medium sours. It is the art to ensure that the plant nutrients can also record. The Mycor Mix this helps. Mycor Mix contains a mix of various mycorrhizae species. Mycorrhizae are fungi that settle on the root system of the plant. The fine mold filaments provide for an enlargement of the root surface that can be incorporated more nutrients. This fungus thrives on sugars from the plant, and in return gives the fungus nutrients from the medium to the plant. Using the Mycor Mix is ​​visible during flowering because the use greatly increases the absorption of phosphorus. Phosphorus a plant needs to flourish. Therefore treated plants are bigger flowers, which increases the yield. It is easy to see the effects of the use of the Mycor Mix because Mycor Mix per plant is added during planting. It is thus possible to treat a row of plants, and to compare the flowering and yield with a row of untreated plants. The Mycor Mix will convince you visible.


  • Increases the root system up to 50x or 5000%
  • Improves the absorption of phosphorus
  • 100% organic

Tips & Tricks
Mycorhyza improve the absorption of phosphorus by the plant. Plants need phosphorus to thrive. An enhanced absorption of phosphorus improves flowering and larger flowers. The Mycorrhizae contributes to a higher yield.

Mycor Mix contains a mix of endo Mycorhyza. Only mycorhyza this type of work on your plants. There are several types that are working on, among other trees, but they do not work on your plant again. The mycorhyza are fixed on a surface that feeds and protects the fungi. This ensures that the mycorhyza in Mycor Mix still alive at the time of application. And because the various strains are selected carefully, you can be sure that the fungi are suitable for your plant.
The Mycor Mix comes in 100 gram and 1000 gram packs.

Application and dosage
Sprinkle the legs about 1 gram Mycor Mix in the leg opening (the dosing spoon contains about 1 gram). Mycor Mix has then direct access to the roots.

Packaging: Pot (including dosing spoon) 1000 grams.

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