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ALL-IN-ONE LIQUID is the ideal fertilizer which can be used from start to finish.

ALL-IN-ONE LIQUID is very concentrated (1 ml per liter) and a complete mineral fertilizer. This allows ALL-IN-LIQUID is suitable for use with all growing methods with and without substrate and from the vegetative stage to the flowering and fruit-flower development proceeds or afrijpingsfase be used.

ALL-IN-ONE LIQUID is made up of the essential elements nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and the micro-elements boron, molybdenum, iron, manganese, zinc and copper.

ALL-IN-ONE LIQUID is a complete basic food for all growing methods and planting phases.


  • Completely soluble in water;
  • Can also be used in re-circulation systems;
  • Is highly concentrated, the standard dilution was 1 ml per liter of nutrient solution (1: 1000);
  • Made of pure ingredients, with no ballast salts and optimal absorption;
  • Unique cooking concept which ALL-IN-ONE LIQUID contains no added chlorides;
  • is produced in the Netherlands and available in the EU.


  • Economical in use: with a dilution of 1: 1000 one uses only small quantities;
  • Easy to use: the product is not pH-sensitive and works in a wide pH range;
  • Efficient in use: the measured EC value is the real value EC. No EC value lost due to the absence of ballast salts, and chlorides.
  • Is friendly for the media and prevents excessive deposition of nutrient salts and the negative impact of chlorides on the benthos;
  • Excellent for use with the APTUS boosters and stimulators;
  • Ensures a stable power supply power to the plant and the fine-tuning the fertilization can be made by applying the appropriate APTUS Booster every stage of plant development;
  • Applicable to various types of media: soil, coco, hydro media, soil-less;
  • To be used in a very wide spectrum of crops of root, tuber and bulb crops to fruits, flowers and pot and bedding plants.

EC fertilizer. Solution of NPK fertilizers (6-12-6-2). 6% Nitrogen (N), 12% of phosphorus (P), 6% Potassium (K) and 2% Magnesium (Mg). In addition, ALL-IN-ONE LIQUID also contains the following micro elements Boron (B), Iron (Fe), molybdenum (Mo) and Manganese (Mn).

Operating instructions
Add at each feeding session 1 to 2 ML ALL-IN-ONE LIQUID per liter of water.


  • 250 ML;
  • 500 ML;
  • 1 Litre;
  • 5 Liter.

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