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ADJUST-A-WING AVENGER MEDIUM including reflector bulb holder and Super Spreader.

The original design of the Adjust-A-Wings® reflector combines advanced science with organic beauty and simplicity, so there is a reflector system created with unmatched performance and versatility.
The Adjust-A-Wings® can be adjusted in width and incredibly close to the plants are positioned for maximum light transmission (vigor) and light coverage.
If necessary, one can make the reflector smaller and hang higher (farther from the plants) in order to adjust the light and the heat radiation to that of sensitive plants or growth phase.
The adjustable and uniform light distribution gives producers the unique ability to mimic the season (spring, summer, autumn) indoors. This allows triggering efficient plant's natural hormone cycles for faster growth, improved health and maturity and a substantial increase in yield.

Performance comparison of the ADJUST A WINGS AVENGER MEDIUM conventional reflectors:

  • 400-600 watt bulb
  • 88% greater growth surface
  • 44% savings on electricity
  • 44% less heat
  • Surface: 2.36m2


  • Twice the power and efficiency compared with most of the other reflectors;
  • Increases the growth zone under each lamp by up to 75%;
  • More yield per lamp up to 50%;
  • Less heat, save energy;
  • Corrosion resistant;
  • 97% reflective;
  • Flexible glass coated super aluminum;
  • Adjustable double parabolic reflectors.

Therefore Adjust-a-Wings Top reflector:

  • Adjustable double parabolic reflector;
  • Flexible glass coated aluminum;
  • Gives wider, equal distribution of light;
  • Adjustable lamp holder;
  • Maximum achievable illuminated area in square meters;
  • Maximum possible yield per square meter.

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