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Rhizopon Chryzotop Green 0,25% is a ready to use rooting powder which contains 0.25% 3-Indolylboterzuur. Chryzotop is a means to promote rooting cuttings.

In the tops of plants are plant hormones or -groeiregulatoren (auxins) created under the influence of light and heat; which are transported to that part of the plant, in which sit the roots or to come. Therefore, in the summer the production of these hormones better than in winter. The best chance for rooting of cuttings is also the period April to July. Outside this period the success of rooted cuttings difficult and often dependent on the weather. Because the cuttings external growth substances - rooting agent, called popularly cutting means - adding, the rooting of cuttings can be helped better and faster.

As a rule, the active substance in the 3-Indolylboterzuur cutting powder with a content of 0.25% to 1%. Powder composition has been a slow-release effect, which often gives better results than cutting agent in wet or tablet form.

The use of powders Rhizopon
A pre-treatment with a groeistofhoudens powder is one of the most commonly used methods to do the root formation take place simultaneously and at uniform cuttings. Rhizopon powders have a slow-release effect due to their composition, the so-called "slow-release" effect, which can produce better results in a large number of crops than other treatments. Thanks to this delayed effect is a powder treatment also very suitable for cuttings that need to be transported for some time, or be stored in a cold room.

Evenly distributed
When working with Rhizopon rooting powder, it is important to ensure that the powder uniformly and therefore is distributed over the base of the site. The cuttings could rooting otherwise uneven if the powder was not applied in the correct manner. must also be prevented, which comes into contact with the powder leaves or other plant parts. This can cause damage.

A treatment of the cuttings with powder is simple and easy. The cuttings are, individually or by beam, dipped with the base in the powder concentration to be used. The depth to which the cuttings are dipped determines the height to which root growth can be expected. The cuttings will form over the whole powdered stalk surface roots. After the dipping of the cuttings is stitched to the excess powder so that the base of each site is provided uniformly around of a powder layer. In some applications, such as air layering, the powder may also be applied with a clean brush on the place to be treated.

Poederdip- / Bespuitmethode
When crops difficult and slow rooting, which to be desired uniformity, is a combination of poederdip and bespuitmethode a possible solution. First, the cuttings are dipped into powder and then stung. Subsequently, a solution with Rhizopon AA tablets to afdruipens far inserted over the cuttings. Click here for more information.

Operating instructions

  • When working with Chryzotop must be taken to ensure that the powder is distributed in a thin layer evenly over the site basis, since otherwise the cutting closer could rooting in places;
  • To avoid damaging the cutting powder must not come into contact with leaves or other plant parts;
  • The rooting powder does not spill onto the soil;
  • The cuttings are usually individually dipped with the base in the powder concentration to be used;
  • Shall make a little rooting powder on a saucer. Insert the cuttings 1 to 2 cm into the powder. If the powder on the basis of a cut site not sufficiently adheres, by slightly dampening the cutting base. The cuttings will form over the powdered stem surface roots;
  • After shaking off the excess out of the powder from the site (s) is added to powder (there stitched), so that the base of each site is provided uniformly around of a powder layer. Avoids shearing / accumulation of the powder through first with a thin stick to poke a hole in the soil and there put into the site.

Was ever after the cuttings your hands, and prevents the powder from coming into contact with food products.

Plant Materials should not be left in a hot and humid place. Detention must take place in sealed container in a cool dry place and in the dark.

Note: Product may differ from picture.

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