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Basic tips for gardening in a grower

By: CyrielSteijns 27/10/2017 0 Comments:


Using a cultivator is a useful way to garden in a sealed area throughout the year.
To ensure you get the most out of your grocery, we've collected some tips and tricks for you.
Enjoy reading.


Tip 1: Choose a good location carefully
Of course, not every room is suitable for placing a grower. One of the most important aspects that should be taken into consideration is that the breeders can stay in the same space for at least a few months. Also, keep in mind that there is room left for access to water and power and that the power circuit is strong enough for the necessary equipment.
In addition, we advise not to place the grower on a carpet or wooden surface because there may always be accidents with watering.

Tip 2: Always check the quality of your grower
When you want to buy a grower it is important that you look at quality.
First of all, you can look at the design and stability of the frame that comes into the grove. Although the frame does not have to carry too much weight, it is still important that the frame is firm. The most important thing to watch out for is the zipper. Here you have to keep in mind because of course this will be the most used. So always keep in mind the firmness of the frame and the quality of the zipper.

Tip 3: Consider ventilation in your grower
Almost every tent has space and openings for applying ventilation. Make sure that the openings and the remaining space in the tent match your ideas of ventilation. Good ventilation is necessary for managing the temperature in your tent.

Tip 4: Read the instructions of the grower
Before you start gardening in a grower it is important that you read the instructions / operating instructions carefully. It may be that building the tent for frustration, however, it is important that you keep calm and make sure you know exactly what you are doing.

Tip 5: Adjust the lamps to the size of your grower
It is important that you adjust your lamp selection according to the size of the tent and the cooling power. A tent with too little lighting can underperform, on the other hand, a tent with too much lighting can cause too much temperature.
If the temperature is too high and the cooling capacity can not straighten out, your plants may suffer from stress or even die.
The stronger your light, the more cooling you need to consume to maintain as healthy a temperature as possible. In small to medium tents, only a lamp is used.







Tip 6: Buy measuring equipment
A thermometer and an air humidity meter can both indicate when additional measures are needed. This is an easy way to check the temperature and humidity in your room. Too high or low humidity can cause damage.
For example, if the air humidity is too low, there may be spinning or drying out.
In case of excessive humidity, condensation may occur in the top of the tent. If this condensation drops on your luminaire, damage may occur.