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ATAMI BOUNCE 185 X 185 X 60 MM

ATAMI BOUNCE 185 X 185 X 60 MM

ATAMI BOUNCE 185 X 185 X 60 MM

The B'cuzz B'ounce is a substrate of compressed coconut chips and coarse fiber which is also buffered and is rinsed. It is available in small blocks of 18.5 x 18.5 cm. With a height of 6 cm.

The black plastic bag is provided with drainage holes that ensure an optimal drainage.
The pressed coconut will well up to a height of 20 cm.

Take the black plastic bag and put it in a bin. Add at least 7 liters of feed water with an EC value of 1.5 (temperature 20 Cº). Depending on the wells of the coconut add more feedwater. The coconut will be up to 2 cm. wells below the rim. The first drainage water, after the welling, will have to be discharged.
For good air circulation B'ounce the blocks are at least 5 cm. to be placed from each other. Before you plant, you need to loosen the coconut (also at the bottom). You must equal start giving food. Keep the first week an EC value of 1.2 to.

The B'ounce is perfectly usable as a stand-alone, but also fits 11 gallon containers or Wilma Grow System.

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