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A professional biological spray from The Netherlands for the prevention and suppression of bud rot, BUDROT, rust and mildew (mildew usually starts at your fresh air inlet or at the door) with the active ingredient lecithin with additional wetting and growth promotion. Good coverage with DOCTOR FUNGUS FREE closes leaf fungi such as mildew and rust. This mechanical action prevents developing resistance to fungal diseases.

By the medium to be sprayed every 14 days, one can prevent 90% of that there are powdery mildew, rust and bud rot will occur. This allows at least 2 weeks longer grow and as you know the gravity of your flowers is formed in the last few weeks.

DOCTOR FUNGUS FREE is a safe and long-acting agent but because outgrowth occurs one must every 14 days continue to treat all plants with a half dose. Additionally stimulate the natural extracts ARTS AGAINST bud rot the plant extra, especially the plants that are in stress, which occurs just after the plants and when plants enter the flowering face.

DOCTOR FUNGUS FREE has no waiting period and leaves no residue, odor or taste behind.

Application and dosage:
ltr. spraying liquid is sufficient for approximately 10 m². spraying a few minutes for the extinguishment of the lights. Shake well before use

  • Curative (best gear): 50 ml of blend against ARTS bud rot with 1 liter of water or this vial in 5 liters of water. The spray liquid spray liberally over the plants and buds;
  • PREVENTIVE: 25 ml to 1 liter of water ARTS AGAINST bud rot spray every 14 days on the tops and leaves of plants. clean up leftover spray liquid. Because of the added wetting agent can your newly planted plants 'giving one syringe turn this way, but you will need as soon as your plants go into bloom minimal yet' to repeat once.

ARTS AGAINST bud rot been years when stored tightly closed, cool, kept dry and frost-free.


  • Unfit for human consumption;
  • wear during spraying plastic gloves;
  • Keep out of reach of children.

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